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Mayer is a multi-platinum recording artist, consistently releasing mellow hits such as Your Body is a Wonderland and Gravity. Any Libra would use their fame wisely, and John Mayer sticks out as a philanthropic and altruistic example. Rapper Eminem a.

Celebrity Zodiac Signs: Which Famous Women Do You Share Star Signs With?

Marshall Mathers was born under the Libra zodiac and is the best-selling artist of the s decade. Those closest to him note his workaholism, but it has clearly paid off for him having so many successful albums. Zac Efron is famous for both his acting skills and for how he looks without a shirt.

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  • 1. Lil Wayne (September 27th)!

Being in his prime, he is constantly acting and his movies continue to come out and be successful at the box office. Snoop Dogg is a rapper and weed-enthusiast, known for tracks such as Gin and Juice and for his chill persona. Even though he has been on trial for murder and acquitted , Snoop Dogg is recognized as being laid back and approachable.

Famous Libra Celebrities

She dotes on her three children and cares for her sisters and other family members most of whom are also famous. Amber Rose is not only an ex-girlfriend of Kanye West, but is also a model and activist. She has appeared in multiple music videos and has started several of her own business ventures. Another notably attractive Libra man is actor Ryan Reynolds.

Most recently, he has been in the spotlight for his role as Deadpool in the movie franchise of the same name. Reynolds is quirky and funny, with quick-witted self-references throughout the movie. Follow Us.

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  5. Zodiac , Entertainment And News August 23, Click to view 21 images. Emily Ratay. This distant outer planet moves slower than a snail, so it can take almost two decades to institute these cataclysmic shifts.

    Since , Pluto has been inching its way across your domestic zone—a transit that has been radically shifting your perception of home and family. This planet returns to its direct motion on October 3, and you can expect some sizeable changes to occur as a result. You may have a blow-out argument with your parents or find yourself moving across the country to pursue a new passion.

    But no matter how Pluto affects you, remember that every action is linked to your destiny right now. On October 13, a Full Moon in Aries your opposite sign sends shockwaves across the partnership zone of your chart. You love to be in relationships, but remember that a bond is a commitment, not a solution to boredom.

    You know how to resolve even the messiest conflict with refined diplomacy. Even the most binding contracts can be renegotiated.


    Famous Libras: Celebrities With Libra Star Sign

    On October 23, you have a reason to celebrate when the Sun shifts into Scorpio. If your birthday was just a bit too lavish, consider setting new monetary goals for the weeks ahead. On October 31, Mercury, the planet of communication, temporarily moves backwards.