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Buy new Sugar Icon and get free shipping! You are a master of communication, choosing your words with the care and precision of a wizard creating a magic potion. You are an air sign, so everything about you is quick: the way you think, talk, walk, and make up your mind.

You love to read, you absorb facts easily, and you can easily run circles around those who dare to debate with you. Your talent using words and in other communication arts make you a standout in publishing, broadcasting, public relations, marketing, advertising, social media, or in working as a trial attorney. Your mind and spirit remain young, too. When you find something you love, you often buy two to save time—for you have plenty to do! In love, you are a kaleidoscope of change, and you keep your partner forever fascinated.

You need a partner who likes to communicate.

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Late-night talks over espresso and pastries are fun for you: exchanging ideas, unlocking answers, sharing inspirations, and finding insights that you would never have generated without the give and take of a discussion with the one you love. Indeed, for you dear Gemini, words are the key to your heart.

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Last year, you focused on your health and fitness; and now, as you move into , the emphasis will change. From now on, working in collaboration with others will bring you your greatest personal growth, along with profits…. From now on, working in collaboration with others will bring you your greatest personal growth, along with profits. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, moved into your seventh house of partnership and marriage in late , and is now ready to bring you rewards. She goes on to say that you have paid your dues already.

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You put in that work from to and if she is telling the truth then listen, Bubbles, I say embrace life by the balls or whatever that saying is. Ikea or West Elm? Ektorp or The Wayland? Those are types of moderately-priced couches. Paint or wallpaper? Kick your roommate out for leaving the toilet seat up or get passive aggressive in a fun way instead.

The world is your oyster with the full moon as the pearl, really. Speaking of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz and her misfit gang of friends! Mars in Aquarius is giving you energy, courage, optimism and drive from November 18th to December 19th. Man oh man, if I only had a brain. I MEAN. Standish of Standish , an novel, may have popularized this idea as included a turkey being served at the first Indian and Pilgrim meal. So much good news for you cheddar Goldfish cracker!

This month you are going to be traveling a ton.

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Can I please have some? This planet is going to leave you clues that point you in the right direction. Eyeballs out and focused on the shoreline like a sailor. Who said it: Susan Miller or Snoop Dogg? You still will this month, but man will you be rolling around in dough. Luckily, all money talk ends November 14th because is anything more boring?

Except for money diaries. Those are pretty funny. Not mine. Mine was just scary. What else what else. That right there, baked into her positive prediction, is a reminder that the stars are just a guide! You have to really lead the way. No compass? No worries.

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Per Suz, you will be kind of psychic this month. I know! Wild turkeys can fly to up 55mph. I never realized it before but here I am, world, an Evan Rachel Wood fan! You do not want to pull that hair ball out of the tub. Oh no. As a result, factory turkeys, most of which are Broad Breasted Whites, are unable to breed naturally, and female turkeys are all artificially inseminated. And actually it really is just encouraging you to take a little mini vaycay, ay bay bay?

This mirroring effect means they will be stronger than ever and support you like crazy. Am I fired yet? Not sure. Then things will slow down! Get ready to put your chilling-hard pants on around November 14th. You can wear them all the way until Thanksgiving is over. On the 29th, form a partnership but be deliberate about it.

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No beating around the bush, regardless of how you and your partner choose to trim or not trim! Focus, break a glass ceiling or something and get your head back in the game. This team needs you! Heck, I need you! Forget I said anything and run, wild and free, straight into the arms of your lover!!!

Enjoy it. Spray painting pumpkins with rose gold paint like you saw on Esty, probably. God I love this time of year. November 25th is going to bring you lots of good fortune.

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Ugh, typical or not ugh because health is also wealth! Well here you go! Would you look at that? Venus in your relationship sector from November 11th to December 7th, and you know what it is doing?

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Trying to get you to buy that ring and lock down that person of your d-r-e-a-m-z. Cool things about turkeys time, courtesy of Time. Hey Jerry Seinfeld , get out of there, this is my show!

You should plan travel and anything annoying and logistical like that now, in other news, because Mercury is going to go retrograde, again , in December, because Mercury has more vacation days than another other planet or human in this whole entire world. You know? On November 9th, no matter how nose to the grind you plan on being, come up for air to focus on your best friend, soul mate, pet, partner or love mate.

Just pop in to say hey! How cool is that?