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Capricorn is a sign that digs in, to be an active part of the backbone of society. For this lady, love is forever. Saturn is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and it becomes exact in January of Capricorn's horoscope for January Written by Daisy With a concentration of planets in your sign, dear Capricorn, we can say that the year starts at top speed!. In fact, with Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn in - , and Jupiter joining both of them in December , it looks like a recipe for major transformation. Saturn's upcoming transit will last for days 2 years 3 months 4 days 21 hours in Capricorn starting from 24 January and Ends on 29 April Rahu's upcoming transit will last for days 1 years 6 months 20 days 2 hours in Taurus starting from 23 September and Ends on 12 April Stately Saturn's passage is only one day.

Feb 3 - Mar 1, See Venus in Capricorn for more details on the Venus in Capricorn temperament.

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Venus in Capricorn is a seasoned professional. I recently made the startling discovery that every single child born on the planet in had a triple conjunction of Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn in Capricorn. Fortunately, the strong influence of Venus in your zodiac sign from November and until March makes you more sensual, more open to intimacy and more emotional.

Venus, on the other hand, only spends about seven percent of its time retrograde, making natal Venus retrograde far less common. An occultation of Venus by the Moon was visible from some locations. Saturn planet will hold this position in Sagittarius till 31st January Saturn will move out of Capricorn into the sign of Aquarius on March 23, Uranus in Capricorn is ambitious and enterprising. Many never experience such a refuge, but in the coming months we have a potent opportunity to both seek it out for ourselves and provide it to others.

This has been a challenging Pluto in Capricorn transit. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, the sign he resonates with the most. One of the main things that's significant, and there are several, is the degree of this full moon eclipse which is twenty-four Capricorn. Solar Eclipse on the It can be a bit of a shock when such a thing happens.

Capricorn moon sign people have the ability to get people who normally keep to themselves involved in worthwhile projects. The house of daily work and slavery. After wandering through the zodiac for 27 years, Saturn finally comes home.

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However, this is not a particularly easy placing, and there can often be inhibitions in the full expression of feelings for this person. Saturn will be in Capricorn until December, I've seen that road before; it always leads me here. The table below is easy to interpret, because it provides the exact dates and times when Venus entered a zodiac sign and remained there till Venus enters the next sign, with times in UTC. Venus would be combust during the term starting from May 29 to June Saturn has finally moved into Capricorn, here to stay until Due to your discipline, you will know where your limits lie and will make sure to stay in good health by taking on a more moderate pace and a healthy diet, and by regularly practicing a sport.

Venus desires peace and security, not a miserable existence for the sake of a quiet life! Many may feel the need to move on at this time, walking away from people and places key to their past but not their future. Usually, the most difficult transit that Saturn can make for a person is conjuncting his natal Sun. It will involve the US Presidency and abuse of power among other things. Mercury moves into retrograde three times during the year, also the planets Venus,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune,Pluto will go retrograde.

Therefore not only is the Capricorn moon conjunct Pluto it is opening up a window into the future. Your affection would be true and loyal. The other planets will be retrograde, one or more times this is the case for Mercury and Uranus , during this year. Saturn in Capricorn will take us on a journey that explores the values that Capricorn values; respect, patience, preservation, history, preparing and planning are all part of what will become prevalent over the next 3 years.

The planet will remain there until it retrogrades back into Capricorn, July 2, Jupiter is a symbol of sweeping solutions and clean-up and in Capricorn in March , he suggests that those at the top of the establishment or high society, and those nations at the top of the world order, will go through a critical clean-up in March , similar to a detox. She always meets the Sun in the same five signs - Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio and Capricorn notice none of these are the signs she rules or is exalted or is even very comfortable!

Depending on how the planets are moving, each human being wants to reach certain objectives. A tricky Mercury Retrograde in your intimacy zone in mid-October could make communication in love difficult, but if you speak from the heart you won't go far wrong. See how your life will be challenged by this maturing planet until as it moves through Capricorn and then is met by Pluto. What area of your life needs your focus and attention for the next three years?

This December , Capricorn folks have the planet Venus in their sign. During Saturn's transit through Capricorn it catches up to Pluto and is joined by Jupiter in a rare planetary alignment that hasn't happened in Capricorn for years. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, making it the master of the physical realm, the lasting structure-builder of the Zodiac. While Jupiter transits Capricorn, from 3 December to 18 December , the energy associated with Capricorn is likely to become more accentuated in our lives, which means visions of improved wealth, status and material security are likely to abound both personally and globally during this period.

Saturn, the planet of rules and regulations as well as your ruling planet, will remain in your sign for the. Saturn is a slow moving planet, it spends around two and half years in each zodiac sign.

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This year is the best time for some changes in your diet. On January 12, there will be a much anticipated conjunction between Saturn and Pluto at 22 degrees of Capricorn the last time these two planets united was in Libra in. I also made a fairly doomy 1. Capricorn love horoscope Our relationships will be affected by this but it's generally a positive affect.

Be organized! The Capricorn woman is famous for being disciplined and organized. When Venus is afflicted in Capricorn , it can create delays or setbacks in relationships, love for lost causes, unconventional relationships, reproductive complications, sexual imbalances and dysfunctional partners. Finance horoscope For Capricorn. This means that Venus in Capricorn is a time of approaching our relationships in a more mature way, and when our romances become bound by rules.

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Video should be posted weekly. Saturn is known as a teacher and even a taskmaster, so get ready to work, face your fears and hopefully come out of this cycle with better clarity, confidence and purpose. We had a line of eclipses along Cancer-Capricorn axis back in , so you might want to recall how your life went back during that time. And in , Shani Vakri is from 30 April to 18 September In the sign of Capricorn, Jupiter is in fall, which does not allow him total freedom to unveil its wide spectrum of gifts.

A new solar eclipse in Capricorn will take place on December 26th, so you can analyze the progress of your personal goals and modify them if necessary.

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I was right about his chart being like "a saint and a con-artist put together" which is exactly what the USA needed to get rid of all the crooks. There is something special happening on the romantic and relationship fronts this year, that is beyond what you would typically expect. Capricorn born people have a lot of resilience and fighting spirit to face the storms of life.

Again, both Saturn and Capricorn give us the ability to do what we do not feel naturally inclined to do. Chinese New Year Day is the new moon date of the first lunar month. It's from the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The first day of the spring is the first day of the Tiger month. This date is the first day of the Chinese Astrological Year. Traditionally, the first thing to do right after waking up in the morning of Chinese New Year Day in China is to open the door and set off firecrackers. As soon as midnight is past, people at home should be able to hear the sound of firecrackers one after another.

The sound of firecrackers and fireworks tells people the New Year has arrived. People offer the New Year's greetings while they are watching TV shows, enjoying the fireworks or gambling. They have to send greetings to parents or eldest members in the house first, then to siblings. In order to have a better luck in the coming year, some Chinese are at home during the midnight, they go to the temple to ask good luck from deities right after new year comes.

Some Chinese families change the new clothes right after midnight or the Rat hour 11 p. Then they choose the lucky hour from Chinese Farmer's Calendar to worship spirits and ancestors with candles, fruit, rice cake, tea, long noodle and candies. The purpose of this worship to tell spirits and ancestors the New Year arrives. In the end of the ceremony, they will open the door, select a lucky money direction to explode the firecrackers, which means to get rid of old bad stuff and welcome the new coming.

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  5. Some Chinese family give the Red Envelope to children at this time, then the children go to bed. After dawn, it's time to say Chinese New Year greetings to neighbors, friends, coworkers, and relatives. Before time of telephone, school teachers will go back to school to greet each other. Government employees will go back the office to say happy New Year. Avoid scheduling surgeries or operations of any kind on or close to a full Moon!

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    Bruising and swelling is much greater on a full Moon. Like sap rising in a tree or the powerful ocean tides, fluids rise on the full Moon. Schedule operations to remove starting 3 days after the full Moon as the Moon wanes down.

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