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Lover planet Venus in Libra squares Saturn, ruler of social order, which is currently in Capricorn. If your needs aren't being met sexually, you must do something about it. Your sign isn't ruled by Venus for you to deal with bad sex. Breakups can be hard for you, but just because you're the sign of partnerships doesn't mean you should stay in one if it isn't working. Whether you decide to break off a relationship or simply communicate your needs so you can work it out, Saturday, September 28 is a day to party.

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You have many intellectual and social pursuits, which are supported by the curiosity that seems to stir inside you. Likewise, the powers of Mercury are intertwined with your gift for communication and pursuit of knowledge. These planetary influences combine to make you more analytically driven than other Libra Decans.

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Luckily, you do not let you intellectual pursuits dominate your life, as you still value close, loving relationships the most. Be careful that your eagerness does not breed jealousy and ill feeling among your colleagues. You need to realize that for successful completion of projects, it is necessary to not only impress your superiors but also to gain the support of your co-workers.

To unfold what lies further ahead, take a look at your Gemini weekly and Gemini monthly horoscope. Home Gemini december 4 horoscope. Taurus horoscope month wise Or, it's possible that you'll be seeking venture capital or a line of credit in order to pay for something major. Gemini Monthly Horoscope: October itewikyfup. Gemini Horoscope tomorrow October 9 Avoid getting swept away in unrealistic ambitions or worse, a dead-end career by listening to that practical voice in your head — or just your savviest friend.

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