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They hate plodding work: Number 5 people hate any plodding kind of work. They are impulsive and mercurial. They naturally drift into any conceivable manner of making money quickly. They are not devious or evil, but they sometimes appear to be so due to their baffling desire to make money quickly. They are often amoral about money. It usually has no colour for them — black, white or grey. They are born speculators. They throng stock exchanges and run enormous risks. Do they always win in such transactions? No one ever does; and number 5 persons are no exception.

They have enormous flexibility of character: Their wonderful flexibility of character, however, pulls them out of the biggest speculation can lead them to. No adversity seems to affect them for long. Blows of fate leave no permanent marks on them. They are either very good or very devious: Number 5 persons can either be very good or very devious.

If their nature is good they would remain so; or they would be very bad, and no preaching would alter them. Their love for travel brings good fortune: Number 5 persons love to travel. Travel normally brings good fortune and advancement in life. They must plan to travel even if their occupation demands otherwise. Number 5 persons must take some precautions in order to fulfil the true potential of their destiny. These precautions are:. Number 5 persons are specially suited for business and trade.

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They may join any service or any other work but their heart is intuitively attracted toward trade. Number 5 persons normally succeed in business which involves trade. They are normally lucky in accumulating money whenever they indulge in trade. Number 5 people can overcome most of their illness through prevention.

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They must take adequate rest. They must sleep at regular hours, ideally been hrs and hrs. They must meditate, and even otherwise keep calm and quiet.

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They must learn proper hygiene by keeping their environment clean, drink clean water and eat healthy and clean food. Such persons should be selected for partnerships I business as well as elsewhere. Love can easily flourish and thrive with them. It can provide extraordinary joy and passion. Love can heal wounds. It can smoothen the nerves; but it can also destroy. Love that is bound by the conjunction of the stars, however, rarely brings pain. The lucky dates of number 5 persons are the 5th, 14th and 23rd of any month.

They must carry out all their important works on these days, especially if they fall between 21st May to 27th June and between 21st August to 20th September. This luck is further advanced if the date falls on a Wednesday or a Friday, the two lucky days of number 5 persons.

Their lucky number is also 5. They can buy a lottery whose last digit is number 5 or whose numbers adds up to a single digit number of 5. The number 5 persons must use this number as frequently as possible. This aspect is dealt with in a separate chapter.

They should have colours of their walls, curtains, upholstery, etc. They must wear light colours, especially those mentioned above. These colours would provide peace and brings prosperity. Colours vibrate energies. They add to success if the energies emitted by them are in harmony with those of its wearer.

The benefits of both diamond and emerald are given in a separated chapter.

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These may be referred to in order to make the desired choice. Number Five.

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Numerology in English. Number Five - 5. Date of Birth:. Whom does it Govern? Governing planet of number 5: The number 5 stands in symbolism for the Planet Mercury.

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Book Your Appointment. These precautions are: They must not exist in sad and depressive surroundings. Their acts should be such that they bring joy to themselves and to others. They must remember that sorrow dries man of his blood. They must go for a morning walk in the open. The ideal time for a walk is just before sunrise. If they cannot manage it then the next best option is a walk in the evenings. They must take a brisk walk daily for thirty minutes. They must protect their blood from impurities. They must ensure regular doses of vitamins and calcium in addition their regular intake of food.

They must protect themselves against cough, cold and flue. They must avoid speculations which are dangerous or risky. They are bound to lose heavily. Financial Condition. Health Guide. Health Hazards: The main problems regarding the health of number 5 persons are: Overstraining of the nervous system. Nervousness due to excessive mental strain.

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