Sagittarius 2020 tarot prediction

Predictable quarrels. Scorpio: beautiful astral configuration that allows you to be very efficient at work and in love. In this year you can carry out those projects started two years ago and you can also carry out other projects. Love returns to be very protagonist in your life with new falling in love.

Sagittarius: this year is not a great year for you but you do not have to give up right now because some work initials can progress and money can come in a very consistent way too.


Try to develop a love relationship based on feelings and not just on sex. Capricorn: great year for you too with many projects that you can achieve thanks to the support of some very important people. At this moment you do not have to stay still to wait but you have to take action and you do not have to leave some professional paths that provide a lot of satisfaction.

Beautiful love. Aquarius: during these months you can take advantage of those moments when Saturn will enter your sky and realize a project or in any case plan to start a new professional path. The support of Jupiter is not fundamental but Mars from June brings a lot of energy and a lot of sexual desire as well as creativity.

Pisces: the first part of the year and specifically the first three months are essential to carry out some family projects but also work and money can also be increasing in your pockets. Now you have to take action to improve your situation. Solitary hearts can fall in love again. Aries: many changes and very positive in your life but especially in the professional sector and in love.

In fact, Jupiter allows you to be more optimistic and to settle several situations of the past that were particularly complex. Optimism and greater self-esteem. Taurus: the professional sector is very promising because your ideas, driven also by Uranus, will find excellent support and by the summer many of you will be able to achieve great success also economic.

Even the sentimental sector is in clear recovery. Gemini: unfortunately these twelve months are not particularly favorable to your progress, especially in the workplace, where you can face illusions and false promises. Even in love you have to be very careful and do not underestimate the discussions. Cancer: Jupiter is favorable but Saturn is a real boulder that forces you to change in your life, to close unnecessary situations that can only damage your professional future but also sentimental.

All that is not needed must be thrown away. Leo: the professional sector is very positive during the summer, a period in which you could have a lot of fun but also earn a lot thanks to very good professional choices. Love also improves clearly thanks to the double influence of Jupiter. Virgo: certainly Saturn continues to give you the necessary strength to carry out the projects started during the last year but now you have to move forward on your own, with your own strength, without hoping for great luck.

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Try to spend more time on love. Libra: good time to start over in love, because last year was not very positive because of false promises that have created considerable discussion and discontent. Work allows you to collect more money and love makes you happier. Scorpio: the sky is very positive even if Jupiter does not pass on your ascendant but, touching the Sun, still offers a lot of luck, favorable opportunities not to be missed and wonderful encounters in love, an area in which you have to think about creating a family.

Sagittarius: one of the most beautiful astrological configurations. Great luck in all sectors, projects that go on without any kind of problem and great meetings on a sentimental level.

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If you want to get married or go to live together this year is the best of all. Capricorn: your projects can continue without any particular problems and you can really succeed in all sectors, but especially in work and studies. If you are still looking for a good job, then take advantage of spring, interview and send curriculum vitae.

Aquarius: the professional sector resumes after a fairly difficult period. Fortunately, Jupiter allows you to solve financial and legal problems and probably a solution to unlucky situations can be found during the winter. Pisces: a year not very important and not very lucky but you can continue to work on the projects of last year that can still bring important successes.

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Stability in love matters may not continue but you would enjoy great time. Jupiter will remain in your lagna, which will beget blissful results. If you are not married yet, there is a strong possibility of getting married during the month of January. During March-May, beware of arguments with your beloved as it may lead to breaking up or separation.

There is a possibility of a breakup with the current partner and forming a new relationship with someone else during the year-mid. Your wait for the love mate might be over. If you propose someone, the answer will be in affirmative. Since Rahu will be in your 7th house, it may give rise to a feeling of dissatisfaction.

Try to involve yourself in other aspects of life or associate yourself with a hobby or work that you enjoy. Once Rahu will change its sign from Gemini to Taurus, by September end, everything will be fine.

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You should do sweeping work at any religious place during the early morning. Offer something to aunts and fishes.

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