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Indian astrology has the unique and proven method for this. The horoscope matchmaking is the great method Choghadiya is astrological time unit in Hindi panchang, and it is an astrological method to know an auspicious time to start new work so that work can be complete without any problem The God assigned the powers to the nine spheres The Goddess as a spiritual archetype is gradually beginning to be embraced and integrated into many religious traditions which for millennia have been dominated by a male God archetype. Regulus moving into the feminine sign of Virgo at this time seems to reflect the changes that we have already been seeing for a century or so.

It might seem at first glance like the timing is off, but these changes evolve glacially. After all, we're talking about changing attitudes that have persisted for many millennia. It's going to take time. How will you notice or experience the difference between a Leo Regulus and a Virgo Regulus?


Well, you might not notice anything at all, personally. It's not like a light switch where one day it's off and the next day it's on. The effects are gradual, but just look at our changing world! Just a hundred years ago, or thereabouts, women didn't have the vote in most countries, weren't allowed to own property, and were treated literally or figuratively as property.

Although in many countries there still exists a double standard by which women are judged by different rules than are men, awareness about this is gradually shifting collective attitudes.

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At the other end of the scale, in many countries around the world women are being elected to positions of political power. Quite a change from not having the right to vote just a short time ago!

Fixed Star Regulus in Virgo

Perhaps the better question is: how do we each move in sync with this changing energy and invite it into our lives? Start with observation. Watch for times when you become aware of a receptive, deep, feeling nature inside you or in others. How has that nature changed from what you might have observed 50 years ago?

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Astrology Reports give you a map of the road ahead. Select from Evolving Door Astrology Reports. As our experience of feminine yin energy changes, our expression of masculine yang energy will change also. Do you see a difference in how you or others approach conflict resolution? Change is complex, and it never happens in a straight line. Any gradual transition like this involves swinging back and forth between extremes: one step forward, two steps back, three steps forward, one step back, and so on, as we inch our way along the path.

As some people will want to make changes in a new direction, others will want to stay with the old, "tried and true" ways, and therefore attempt to put on the brakes.

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Or, they might instinctively feel that something important is at risk of being lost in the change, so they want to slow things down until we can figure out how to untangle the knots between the old and the new without breaking the cords of continuity. We went through a similar process to this during the Saturn-Uranus opposition in , so we've had a few years to work on some of those knots.

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Sometimes knots get tighter as you try to untie them, but it's important to keep working at it—just more strategically. Impulsive moves and angry overreaction will just make the situation worse and the knots tighter. So, even if you observe events or attitudes that swing back toward the masculine and away from the feminine, this is a natural part of the transitional process.

It's still important to keep working toward a new balance of masculine and feminine, but it doesn't necessarily mean the forces of the future are losing the battle to the forces of the past.

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  4. It's an inevitable part of that "ebb and flow" cyclical progression. Regulus as a fixed star doesn't much care about our moment-to-moment struggles down here on Earth. At the Regulus level, we're just a blue marble—another dot in the sky, if we can be seen at all.

    In other words, the Regulus perspective is a very broad one that sees us in a vast context. Sometimes it can help to see ourselves that way too. Short-term conflicts are but small parts in the overall process that gets us where we are going.